A Freelance Graphic Designer: Positives vs. Negatives

Here is a list of positives and negatives for hiring a graphic designer to help create your advertising:



1.) Fine Arts Background: In order to receive a degree in graphic design, one must attend a fine arts program. This means that a graphic designer will be able to beautifully execute an image. He or she will be able to effectively choose a typeface and negotiate a grid so that your advertisement will be impeccably designed.

2.) Well-Learned in Visual Branding: Part of being a graphic designer is being well-versed in creating visual systems. Companies are in need of effective systems to visually portray their brand. The visual aspect of a company’s brand is the first thing a person experiences about the company. If the visual language is not inviting or at all informative, people will not be interested in learning more about the actual brand.

3.) Visual Metaphor Experts: Graphic design is focused on problem solving. A graphic designer’s main job is to create visual metaphors and to transform messages into visuals. This applies to advertising and branding. A good metaphor can be an effective advertisement.


1.) Copy Writers: Most graphic designers have not been professionally trained in the art of copy writing. Their skills tend to be best with visuals.

2.) Media Placement: Because graphic designers are usually not trained in all aspects of advertising, they will not be able to help with media placement. If you are hiring a graphic designer, you will need to tell them what mediums they will need to design for. It will most likely be your job to place those mediums.

3.) Market Research: Graphic designers are not trained to perform market research – a vital part of creating an advertising plan. Yes, they can make beautiful creative, but without insight into consumers, how will you know this creative is effective advertising?

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