An Opinion Piece

A take on some rather bold ads.

Advertisements can portray a message through many vehicles. Some are simply informative, some are light-hearted and funny, others are meaningful and creative. Yet advertisements that stand out and are talked about tend to be cutting edge, bold, and surprising.

Above, I have included some recent ads that have been exceptionally bold in conveying their message, yet indeed effective.

The first one is an ad discussing testicular cancer. Its goal is to make the topic less candid and awkward so that men will feel more comfortable talking about it, and therefore discover if they have it earlier on. To convey their message, the agency animated fairly life-like looking talking testicles to tell their story.

In my opinion: very uncomfortable to watch, yet definitely inspires talk about the subject. See for yourself.

The other commercial I chose to include brings up the issue of homophobia in Turkey. Homophobia is a massive social issue in Turkey and is the reason for many recent hate crimes. Above is a commercial that takes place in a pet shop. The owner is trying to sell his “gay turtle” to customers. We get to see their inappropriate reactions via a hidden camera. The ad brings light to how absurd homophobia is.

My opinion: great metaphor. #GayTurtle


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