A Freelance Advertiser: Positives vs. Negatives


Looking to hire a freelancer for your advertising? Here is a list of positives and negatives of hiring a freelance advertiser:


1.) Experience: Odds are, if an art director or copy writer is freelancing, they have experience working in a corporate setting. They have already created multiple ad campaigns for several different companies, and know the process quite well. Can’t beat experience.

2.) Degree in Advertising: Most people who have experience have a degree in business, marketing, or advertising. This means that they have studied and been immersed in the in’s and out’s of advertising in a scholarly setting. They are familiar with all the aspects that go into an effective advertising strategy.

3.) Resources: Freelance advertisers most likely have many resources available from their past experience. They have data or the means to collect data to help distinguish the target consumers and accessible information to aide in media placement.


1.) Execution: Because and advertiser’s first area of concentration is the business of advertising itself, they may not have the same level of skill as a graphic designer may have regarding execution of the advertisement.

2.) Visual Systems: Advertisers are well-versed in branding a company as far as company message and feeling. However, graphic designers have more experience when portraying said brand message visually.

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