Why Communication Programs and Design Programs Should be More Interconnected

Undergraduate communication and design programs should be more integrated.


Graphic design and advertising are incredibly related. Both fields focus on creative development.

As a dual major in graphic design and advertising at Boston University, I am enrolled in two schools. The College of Fine Arts and the College of Communications at Boston University are two completely separate schools that do not have many connections. This means that it is almost impossible to take any classes in the school that you are not currently enrolled in. I do not experience this problem because I am in both schools. However, many of my peers do.

For example, if a graphic design student wants to take a class in art direction, he or she must be also enrolled in the College of Communications and have completed multiple prerequisites. Yet, graphic design and art direction are extremely related. These classes would, in theory, compliment each other.

Similarly, if you are solely in the College of Communications and want to take a design class, you must also be enrolled in the College of Fine Arts.

Why must two topics that are so complimentary be separated by such trivial administrative road blocks?


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