Creativity is Key

Advertising is based on the principle of creativity.

Advertising is a creative field. Although it may seem as though it is full of business men and women, most of these people are of the creative mind.

Advertising is an art. It is the art of persuasion. It does not matter if we are talking about copy writing or art direction, or account management and strategy – it is all persuasion. To be good at persuasion, you must be creative.

The creative department of advertising is, of course, creative. Working in creative comprises of series and series of visual problem solving while creating print, commercial, and social media ads. It is the art of brainstorming a concept and executing it.

Yet, all other roles in advertising are also based on creativity. Creativity is what gives you your edge. If you are creative in media placement, your advertising will be more effective. If you are creative in dealing with your client, your relations will be better and they will be happier.

Creativity is key.


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